ITGC Remediation Services

Expert coaching and guidance to assist your response to external auditors, findings or control gaps.

IT General Controls are the Lifeblood of Every Network

At Connor, our team can quickly formalize your controls into a Risk and Control Matrix (RCM), identify mitigating controls and provide efficient remediation testing services. Focus on higher valued activities, while relying on our experts to establish a new clean baseline for your organization.

Connor’s ITGC remediation services can provide support to:

  • Assist in remediation of audit findings
  • Participate in scoping discussions (e.g. SoX & SOC2)
  • Map and formalize your ITGC’s in an RCM
  • Align all your future audit, regulatory and compliance requirements

The Bottom Line

Enabling change from being reactive to proactive is a big task in any organization. Allow your team time to catch their breath while Connor completes your remediation testing for you. Let’s form a partnership where scalability, control rationalization and automation steer you to a better compliance model.

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