Microsoft SSPA DPR Independent Assessment

If you are a supplier of any service to Microsoft or intend to be in the future then you may be required to provide an independent report to upload via the Microsoft Supplier Aravo tool.

What is the Microsoft SSPA Program?

The Microsoft Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance Program (SSPA), formerly known as the Vendor Privacy Assurance Program, is a Microsoft developed framework to annually validate data governance and security controls with any active Master Supplier Services Agreement, Contract or Statement of Work with Microsoft.

Expert Privacy Assurance Guidance

At Connor, we can quickly align your “Applicability” and level of “Compliance” so you can accurately and confidently pass your assessment. As part of our service, we have a library of Policy and Procedures templates we can share and guide you on.

The Bottom Line

Connor is a specialty firm focused on compliance with deep knowledge on supplier and vendor management programs, software licensing and royalty audits. We offer a full-service approach that is agile and scalable to fit your organization’s requirements.

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