Audit Playbook
and Defense

Understand how to strategically counter aggressive license compliance audits to maximize leverage with suppliers and minimize
non-compliance fees.


of an organization’s software budget are spent on “true up” costs

The challenge. Software audits are on the rise and vendor compliance programs are getting more skilled in generating incremental revenue from customers who have inadvertently over-deployed or misused software licenses.

The reality. Overreliance on Software Asset Management tools and a lack of resources or skills can result in an organization’s unpreparedness to challenge and refute findings from an audit.

The Impact. Inadequate governance, internal controls and process can result in software non-compliance, leading to significant unplanned fees paid to a vendor.

A True Partner for Audit Defense

We have extensive Big-4 experience with thousands of software audits for major publishers under our belt. From building quota carrying software compliance programs for multiple vendors to advising on IT sourcing and deal-making strategies, our experts can help optimize your leverage with suppliers and reduce adverse findings during a license audit or true-up.

Step 1:

Connor challenges the timing and author

Step 2:
Planning & Scoping

Connor verifies the scope and procedures

Step 3:
Data Collection

Connor inspects scripts and tool output

Step 4:
Data Validation

Connor checks formulas and assumptions

Step 5:
Reporting & Settlement

Connor refutes findings and creates resolution plan

Tailored to Your Audit Defense Needs

Our services don’t define us; the thought leadership we bring to them does.

Actionable Playbook

Create a defense strategy and step-by-step guide on how to protect your enterprise against software vendor audits.

Expert Coaching
& Guidance

Connor will adivse your company throughout the software audit process or will deal directly with the auditors or vendors until the review is completed.

Contract Settlement

Connor leverages leading practices to negotiate “behind the curtain” or directly with vendors to reduce software audit findings and any fees owed.

Our clients say it best…

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