M&A Software License Preparedness

Partner with a trusted advisor to navigate the licensing landmines of M&A and opportunistic vendors


organizations expect an increase in the average number of M&A deals in the next 12 months


of executives that underestimate the role of IT in M&A success

The challenge. M&A seems to be a recurring headline if you scroll through your online news feed. However, the majority of deals still miss the mark on achieving their expected synergies and often result in overspending with technology suppliers.

The reality. Companies undergoing a merger or acquisition tend to overlook the impact to software vendor licensing and compliance, which can quickly lead to excessive fees being paid to vendors.

The Impact. Deferring software licensing risks or waiting for an M&A deal to close can dramatically reduce your supplier leverage resulting in:

  • Costly license agreements that consume integration and IT budgets
  • Exposure to potential licensing issues if software assets aren’t proactively managed

A True Partner for Software Licensing Risk Management

Connor can help your enterprise navigate through the software licensing and audit challenges of M&A, which will help preserve or free up integration funds for the business.

IT Contract Risk Assessments (M&A focus)

Software Baselining and Compliance Reporting

M&A Software Vendor Playbook (Day 1 focus)

Prepare for “Day 1” and Beyond

Our consultants are armed with deep expertise in contract compliance and IT M&A. Our proven approach and vendor playbook to managing the impact of software licensing during the M&A lifecycle allows us to help you mitigate non-compliance risks and address known licensing needs.

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