Proactive Software Asset Management

Gain control of your software assets to optimize technology spend, enhance information security and reduce licensing risks.


of enterprises receive at least one audit request each year

The challenge. Most organizations rely too heavily on their Software Asset Management (SAM) tool — hoping it will completely eliminate all non-compliance exposure and optimize IT software investments.

The reality. A successful SAM program goes beyond simply using a SAM tool. Common challenges include:

  • Lack of Internal Alignment
  • Insufficient Resources
  • Inaccurate Discovery
  • Disparate or Incomplete Entitlements
  • Competing IT Priorities

The Impact. The lack of governance, process, and experience can result in unplanned software and maintenance fees or costly shelf-ware.

A Risk-based Approach to End-to-End Software Asset Management

Our consultants have unparalleled expertise in thwarting vendors under audit and instating internal processes that will proactively mitigate supplier risks and drive material cost savings.

Roadmap Design
& Implementation

Practice Audits
& True-Ups

SAM Fitness
& Assessments

Managed SAM
(SAM as a Service)

Seasoned Experts. Trusted Advisors.

Armed with both practioner and auditor lenses, our track record is impeccable.


Evaluated Hundreds of Software Asset Management Programs


Conducted Thousands of Vendor Software Audits

Setup and Led SAM Departments for Fortune 100 Companies

Benefits You Can Meaure

Holistic View
into Software Assets

Strategic Roadmap
to Success

Mitigate Supplier
& Security Risks

Realize Material
Cost Savings

Partnering with Best-of-Breed Technologies

Connor is committed to providing the most comprehensive support for today’s leading Software Asset Management solution providers.

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