Customer Engagement.

Automate your license compliance outreach campaigns to maximize account coverage and capture missing revenue.


of global unlicensed software per a BSA report in 2018. With large volumes of customers comprised in the SMB segment, how are you assessing compliance?

The challenge. Assessing compliance across your entire customer base is near impossible. Vendors must prioritize efforts on enterprise accounts, leaving their SMB segment of customers untouched.

The reality. Efforts to reach SMB customers using standard outreach and tracking is highly manual, time intensive and expensive.

The Impact. Failing to maximize revenue from the entire customer base leaves a significant portion of compliance risk unassessed and unrecovered from your customers.

Win the Compliance Battle

Assess 100% of Your Customers Through Customer Engagement powered by ConnorX

Scale your license compliance outreach campaigns with an automated customer engagement solution that allows you to reach all of your customers (SMB and Enterprise) without overextending resources.

Broader Customer Engagement At Your Fingertips

Automated Customer Engagement by ConnorX

ConnorX is a powerful customer engagement management tool that optimizes licensing compliance at scale to capture more revenue through efficient customer engagement and real-time visibility into customer interactions.

  • Easy to Deploy – Get up and running in 2 days

  • Automated Engagement – Simplify email outreach and follow up campaigns

  • Complete Visibility – Easily monitor email delivery, open rates, views, and bounces

  • Real-time Analytics – Uncover insights with powerful analytics across campaigns

  • CRM Capabilities – Leverage real-time reporting, workflow automation, Salesforce integration, email integration, and more

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